Lecturer, Consultant, Educator

Medicinal herbs and aromatics have been used for thousands of years to
maintain and promote health and well being. If used properly, they
work with our body, mind, and spirit to restore balance and create
a healthy state. 

I am a lecturer, consultant, and educator in the field of medicinal
herbs, Chinese herbal medicine, and aromatherapy.  I currently
conduct seminars on these subjects for Bucks County Community
College in Newtown, PA, and also teach private lessons. My goal
is to provide individuals with the knowledge and resources they
need to further study these alternative health systems, and
employ them in their medical care.

The seminars I have conducted were very well attended and received.
I am available to give lectures, seminars, tutoring, and
correspondence lessons.  Fees and schedules available on request.

Newtown, PA, is about 35 miles NE of Philadelphia, PA, USA and
across the Delaware River from Trenton and Princeton, NJ.

Margaret Kershey Rivera, M.Ed.     E-Mail  riveram@erols.com
Questions and comments are always welcome!

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